What Clients Are Saying


What Others Are Saying About Jennifer Hathaway and Home Healing by Hathaway


“I can’t say enough great things about Jennifer. Not only is she kind but she is fun and encouraging without being overbearing. My favorite is that she finds homes for all my precious stuff. I spent years “collecting” and if it feels good to let it go to a new home.”

“WOW ! I am thrilled with the transformation and I cannot believe how easy Jennifer made the entire process with such a fine finished result. I was using my studio within the first half hour after she left. I am forever grateful and wish I had called HoHeHa sooner so I would not have had to suffer any anxiety! I look forward to my ongoing ‘studio healing’ and using such affordable services again.”

“Jennifer is great and HoHeHa works! I asked her to help me with my bedroom at a new house. I couldn’t sleep because of the intense energy in my new sleeping quarters. She made a few simple suggestions which made a huge difference. Now, I sleep like a baby.”

“My husband and I own a small 2 acre property on the Mendocino Coast. A few years ago we decided to turn one of our small homes into a vacation rental. After having rented it out unfurnished for long term tenants, the project seemed a bit daunting as we would have to furnish the whole house, decorate wisely and do lots of outdoor landscaping.

I asked Jennifer to help out with some ideas. My concern was that I would create a space that was more about what I personally like instead of thinking “outside the box” to what potential guests might be comfortable with. Jennifer helped me find a happy medium so that my current rental seems to appeal to  my guests. My goal is always to have them be relaxed, comfortable and maybe a little bit awed by the feel of the place. Testimonials to this may be read on my vacation rental website at; www.vrbo.com/295462

Jennifer has a wonderfully delicate way of coming into your environment and helping you to make changes that can often times be emotional and uncomfortable. Her good sense of humor along with excellent “sense of measure” make it fun to work with her. We have been to Jennifer’s home and find that she definitely walks her talk. Her home has a friendly and inviting energy as well as being colorful, interesting and, of course, uncluttered.

So do yourself a favor and hire HOHEHA to help you toward your goal of organizing and de-cluttering your own home. You will make a good friend in the process.”
—Star Decker & Gene Parsons

“In our consultation you showed me a few simple changes I could make that immediately transformed my home in a surprisingly powerful way. Within days I noticed I was sleeping more peacefully in my bedroom and feeling clearer and more relaxed in my writing space. In the weeks since our consultation I have been gradually implementing the bigger changes you suggested — rearranging, painting, choosing curtains and fabrics. These are projects I have been daunted by for the past several years, but you gave me focus and enthusiasm. With each change I make I feel brighter and more empowered. Thank you, Jennifer!”