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Polestar Astrology Chart Readings

HoHeHa’s unique approach uses Polestar to determine your character/capacity to help determine the best approach for you to organize and de-clutter your environment. In addition to character profile Jennifer offers
chinese-astrologycomplete Polestar chart readings. These in-depth readings offer insight into your character/capacity and opportunities/fate that are present in your life.


What is Polestar Astrology?

Polestar Astrology is based on the lunar calendar and predictable cycles of time. The images used are poetic images of the Imperial Court of China. The Song Dynasty used Polestar Astrology to run a successful empire for centuries.

We are all born into a cycle of time that has a specific flavor or “Chi”—life energy. This flavor, marked by the time of one’s birth, is one’s character or capacity in life. Itis what stays with us as everything changes.

Our opportunities in life are revealed in the 12 houses and placement of the “stars” within these houses.
The dance of one’s character and capacity in relation to one’s opportunities and fate is the nature of Polestar Astrology.