About Jennifer Hathaway


About Jennifer Hathaway


JenniferHome Healing by Hathaway has emerged from Jennifer Hathaway’s life experience with living spaces. From a very young age, she has been interested in clearing clutter and creating a smooth flow in the environments she spends time in. Jennifer grew up in a 7 bedroom home with 7 family members, and by 11 or 12 years of age, she was responsible for cleaning and clearing the house on a regular basis. Even then, Jennifer noticed how we are extensions of our environments. Life moved on, and every space she occupied was an experiment for her in how to best utilize space for her current life style.

During the past 16 years, Jennifer has been living in a home that was built for her great grandparents in 1907. Her great aunt passed away and here she was with all of her belongings and some of her great grandparents’ belongings as well.  In any particular house, there is a history, created by all who have lived there. With the help of Form Feng Shui and discernment of what Jennifer valued and wanted, she was able to create a home that works for her.

The study of Form Feng Shui and Polestar Astrology with Liu Ming in Oakland, California helped Jennifer gain insights about her own character and opportunities. She was able to bring forward a working environment from the past to support her current lifestyle and needs. She applies this approach to clutter clearing for others. She combines understanding the character and opportunities of her clients 
(Polestar Astrology), Form Feng Shui (the lay of the land and the building) and her natural talent of 
de-cluttering to create this same kind of successful process for lifestyle refinement.