About HoHeHa

About HoHeHa — Home Healing by Hathaway


We all want to feel happy at home and live in an environment of serenity, joy and delight!

Our surroundings influence us. Stress builds up when too many things call our attention at once. Living in one space for a long time, things begin to pile up. Organizing and removing “stuff” can feel overwhelming to tackle alone.

HoHeHa can help clarify what your current values are and create an environment that supports you. Together we will help you heal your home, creating a perfectly peaceful and relaxed environment.

Clutter clearing is one of my greatest joys—let’s play together so your home brings you more joy.

Living in the Bay Area, we are fortunate to have access to so many donation, removal, re-selling, and recycling resources. HoHeHa’s philosophy is to tap into these resources as much as possible, so that all of your clutter can go to a good home.

What is clutter?
Anything we do not use or love.